goodie grab box

Do you want to try everything but don't know where to start? We can relate! We love baking and creating our goodies as much as you love eating them. And we want you to have the chance to try it ALL!  So each month we will create a special box with a collection of pastries, breads, and cookies -- whatever we're inspired to make -- that you can reserve in advance. One month we may offer an assortment of lemon raspberry cheesecake, chocolate cream pie, and tea cookies, and the next month it may be cheddar chive bread, apple pie, and Chardonnay cake. We'll tell you in advance what we have planned so you know what's coming. And it's all for $25 each month. Get your order in by the 1st of each month to pick up on the 15th. Our first box will be available on June 15th! Get your order in now by the June 1st deadline. Email to reserve your June box.

        Our first Goodie Grab Box for June 15th:

  • One slice White Chiffon cake with raspberry marmalade filling
  • Once slice Chocolate Cake with hazelnut filling 
  • Two cannoli
  • One small loaf Asiago Pesto Bread
  • 1/2 dozen Buckeye Bark
  • Mini Key Lime Pie