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 We are so excited to have finally opened our doors and we are now offering everything from mouth-watering chocolate croissants to tender cranberry cream scones to savory sun-dried tomato and bacon bites six days a week. We specialize in European pastries but continue to honor where we began and provide Frederick and the surrounding area with the best buttercream cakes for all your weddings and celebrations. 

Please browse our website and check out our many new offerings.

It's time for pie! Stay tuned for a special Pie Sampler Goodie Box we'll be offering the end of September. You'll get the chance to try a variety of our pies so you know exactly what you want to order for the holidays. Special offer coming soon...


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Wedding season is upon us and we've hit the ground running! As always we are gearing up for a great season, bigger and better than before! All of our cakes are made fresh from scratch, and customized exactly the way you want it. Buttercream is still front and center for wedding cakes, and we love the textured finishes and designs we're requested to do. From elegant wedding cakes to whimsical birthday cakes, our goal is to create a custom centerpiece for your event that will not only wow your guests but leave them asking for more. Visit our Cakes page for more details, including our gluten-free and dairy-free offerings. Dessert spreads are crazy popular today for weddings! Your guests will be wowed with tea cookies, fruit tarts, pies, donuts, and macarons. 


Consultations are scheduled by appointment only. We cannot accommodate walk-ins or same-day requests. If you would like to schedule a tasting, please fill out our Contact Form here to make an appointment. 

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from sugar to savories

Creating Custom Cakes


Cakes are where we started and we're not stopping now. Our famous buttercream cakes are the best in Frederick - for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, there is simply no event that doesn't call for cake. Custom ordered, every time. Click Here to Let Them Eat Cake.

Lip-Puckering Pastries


When you step inside our new bakery, you'll smell the unmistakable flaky croissant, classic apple pie, and creamy cream puff. The myriad of pastries is endless, including savory breads: Asiago pesto, caramelized onion and rosemary, and the bacon cheddar chive scone.  Get the Skinny Here.

Serving Up Corporate Spreads


Brighten up that boring Board Meeting with a spread of our cranberry cream scones and apple turnovers, or try our candied cranberry goat cheese ball and antipasti mini pizzas for your company's evening reception. Click Here to Serve It Up.

Learning to Love the Craft


Want to try your hand at making the goodies you're bringing home?  Or learn how to decorate an iced sugar cookie? We'll schedule classes on Icing and Decorating a Layer Cake, Pies Made Easy, and Cookie Decorating 101. Click Here to Feed Your Brain.

Try a Tasty Sample


Too many goodies to try? We agree! Each month we'll offer a Goodie Grab Box that will include an assortment of pastries, cakes, and cookies so that you can get a little taste of what Sweet & Savory is all about without breaking the bank - or your waistline. Sign up for your first box today! Grab It Here.

Coveted Coffee & Teas


You've asked for coffee and we got it. We're teaming with Baltimore Coffee & Tea to bring you their fresh roasted coffee. We'll be offering regular and decaffeinated every day, and each week we will offer a Coffee of the Week that features one of their many flavored coffees. Click Here for Your Morning Joe.  

the buttercream experts

Because of the surge in reality TV shows that feature bakeries, the art of creating beautiful and festive cakes has come to be appreciated by many. Thanks to these shows, "fondant" has practically become a household name. While at Sweet & Savory we love to use fondant as a material in decorating, we believe there is nothing better than a moist delicious cake smothered in BUTTERCREAM. Buttercream has made an incredible comeback with many new techniques that brides love, particularly textured finishes that complement rustic-themed weddings, as well as ruffle and ribbon effects. There are so many great designs we can do with buttercream. Let us show you!

We are best known for our European buttercream made with sugar, egg whites, and butter – that's it. It's a little less sweet than the American version (but we can do that, too). And we have found that most wedding guests also prefer buttercream over fondant. Having said that, we won't limit ourselves and we're certainly happy to do fondant cakes if you choose. Sometimes a particular design looks best in fondant. But we encourage you to consider having a buttercream cake because after all, 

we are … 

The Buttercream Experts.